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Learn what to ask when hiring pool builders

Ask the right questions and ensure that you are installing a durable and long-lasting pool from a reputable company.

10 questions you should ask before you hire a pool builder:

1. Are you a member of any State or Local affiliations? What Swimming Pool Industry Certifications do you have?

  • BBB, Chamber of Commerce, Building Associations

2. Do you have the current PA home improvement registration?

3. Do you provide an original or photocopy Certificate of Insurance from the insurance company listing me as an additional insurer?

4. Will you be installing bottom drains?

  • If Yes: What safety device do you install to meet the Virginia Graham Baker Act?
  • If No: In the past, did you install bottom drains?

5. If you are not currently installing bottom drains, could you explain why?

6. Will all of my returns, skimmers and bottom drains be plumbed and valved separately?

7. Will you be using the latest energy efficient equipment in the pool industry?

  • If Yes: Would you tell me about it?

8. If you are using the Pool Manufactures dig specs for engineered drawing, have you altered it in anyway?

9. Will you be backfilling with none-expansive material? (i.e. sand, gravel)

  • If No: Why not?

10. Do you provide your own pool service work or do you subcontract?

The above questions go beyond what type of pool should be built. These questions are meant to help you learn how different builders construct pools. There is no doubt that a swimming pool in your back yard will provide many years of family fun and relaxation.

Choosing a good builder who uses the most up-to-date construction practices and products will enhance your satisfaction and save you money in the long-run. Selecting a builder based on price alone could cost you far more than what you save initially and shorten the life of your pool. Hopefully these questions will help you choose the builder who is best-suited to meet your needs.


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